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Hack the Cover on Kindle

If digital covers as we know them are ‘dead,’ why do we hold them so gingerly? Treat them like print covers? We can't hurt them. They're dead. So let's start hacking. Pull them apart, cut them into bits and see what we come up with.

This is an essay for book lovers and designers curious about where the cover has been, where it's going, and what the ethos of covers means for digital book design. It's for those of us dissatisfied with thoughtlessly transferring print assets to digital and closing our eyes.



Hack the Cover on the Kindle!

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Craig Mod

Craig Mod

Writer, publisher and designer. Co-author and designer of Art Space Tokyo. Founder of PRE/POST. Splitting his time between the Palo Alto startup world and Tokyo.

Online at http://craigmod.com

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