Your intimate guide to Tokyo and its art world.

12 galleries & museums. 10 neighborhoods. 70,000+ words. 61 restaurant & location recommendations.

"A work of art." — Kirkus Review

“... an unexpectedly stunning bit of cultural travelogue.” — Khoi Vinh

"[O]ne of the best guides to date on my favorite city." — O. Thereaux

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“Much of the charm of the guide is in the little observations, the sly asides and the high and wide originality of the artists, whom Mod and Rawlings capture and pin to the page like a collection of polychromatic butterflies. This gorgeous book is a working guide, but it’s also a work of art.

Graphic Spotlight, Kirkus Review

Art Space Tokyo is a great hardcover guide to the contemporary art scene in the sprawling city of Tokyo.”

The Editors, Superfuture

“... an unexpectedly stunning bit of cultural travelogue.”

Khoi Vinh, Subtraction

“I have never visited Tokyo, but when I do, I know what book to pack.”

Mandy Brown, A Working Library

“[This] compact volume revels in being a monument at a moment when permanence can seem but a stylistic choice.”

Philip Tinari, LEAP

Art Space Tokyo is the definitive book on contemporary art in Tokyo ... this book provides a singularly unique critical, social, and cultural perspective on art in Japan.

Ian Lynam, Viewers Like You

“I've been in the print business in one facet or another for the majority of my life, and this book is undoubtedly quality.

Andrew Noyes, Amazon User Review

[I]nsight into the city's world of contemporary art ... readers are treated to a variety of revealing interviews with gallery owners and art fair operators, among others, as well as essays by art critics and other specialists.”

Cristoph Mark, Daily Yomiuri

Art Space Tokyo took us to many amazing places that we otherwise would not have discovered. The fun is in the journey ... you’ll soon discover that each one of the 12 destinations is easily a full day of exploration. So if you have 12 days in Tokyo, then you’re set!”

Justine, Upon A Fold

Art Space Tokyo has a unique visual rhythm which is created through the absence of photography. Instead, it features graphic illustrations by Nobumasa Takahashi and Craig Mod, resulting in a book which flows more like a manga novel than a clinical city guide to museums.

Calum Ross, One A Day

Art Space Tokyo is the kind of gallery guide we wish we could find find for every city.”

Elsa Brown, WeJetSet

“For the unseasoned traveler Tokyo can be hard to navigate and even harder when it comes to locating small spaces for the first time. This book is concise and clear, two attributes which are vital amid the straggle of urban planning.”

Rachel Carvosso, suite101

“Art Space Tokyo ... is a gem of a publication satisfying a longstanding need for English-language material on the terrain it tackles.

Neilton Clarke, Art Monthly Australia

“Lovely design with care and an eye for detail make it a total must have piece in my opinion.”

Uleshka Asher, WorldChanging

“A new guide to the Tokyo art scene points the way.”

Benji Lanyado, The Guardian

“I have taken delivery of my copy of Art Space Tokyo, and I am thrilled! ... It’s beautifully put together and a real joy to read and handle.”

Melanie Katsalidis, a reader



Ashley Rawlings

Ashley Rawlings

Editor and co-author Ashley Rawlings is a specialist in postwar and contemporary Japanese art. After graduating with a BA in Japanese studies from the University of Cambridge, he moved to Tokyo in 2005, where he conducted research into the late-1960s Mono-ha movement at Sophia University while also working as a freelance editor, writer and translator. His writing on the Tokyo art scene has appeared in numerous Japanese and international publications, including ArtAsiaPacific magazine, where he was managing editor. He currently divides his time between London, Tokyo and New York.

Online at

Craig Mod

Craig Mod

Writer, publisher and designer. Co-author and designer of Art Space Tokyo. Founder of PRE/POST. Splitting his time between the Palo Alto startup world and Tokyo.

Online at

Nobumasa Takahashi

Nobumasa Takahashi

Born in 1973 in Kanagawa prefecture, Japan, Nobumasa Takahashi has been exhibiting his work extensively for the past 10 years. Most recently he has held solo exhibitions in collaboration with design shop Cibone and has been comissioned by Microsoft to illustrate the back of the Zune.

You can view more of his work online at his homepage, Bamboolove.